Work on existing buildings, extensions and renovations are a common challenge. None more so than the one facing US Architect Martin Holub in his latest residential project, an addition to a 1988-designed house in New York State’s Rhinebeck village of Dutchess County.

Lake Drive

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The building concerned was the second home of a Pennsylvania-based TV producer for whom entertaining was a priority, and the commission was for a residential extension to an original, period house. The client was also very keen that the new part appeared as an integral part of the house, instead of a very obvious later addition.
The brief described a 600 sq ft extension, which would be used as a comfortable and bright entertainment space for the owner and his friends, connected to an outdoor patio. The space should also include laundry room, bathroom and hot tub.
Accepting the challenge, the architects carefully planned and researched their response to the site and the existing architecture, aiming to connect it seamlessly, organically and visually, with the existing structure. The result is clearly new, yet still quiet and subtle.
The exterior materials – cedar wood siding and asphalt roof shingles – match those of the existing structure to ensure a harmonious transition between the old and the new. The big glass floor to ceiling opening on the other hand, mark the addition’s different and more open character. The new interior is equally special, featuring local blue stone.
Although work commenced in 2006, the elegant and discreet new wing project was only just completed, mainly due to practical issues involving the search for the right local contractor. This also indicates the variety of different factors that influenced the architectural result.
As architect Martin Holub explains, it can be difficult to pinpoint his inspiration in such a project: ’It is impossible to point to any one single thing and say: this is what inspired me to design this addition. Its design is a result of a rather specific program given us by the client and then years of experience and a modicum of skill helping us to accommodate that program on the given site in a manner that would integrate the addition with the existing house and create a new cohesive whole.’