Casa Syntes is a house without context, built on an isolated plot in Pinto, just south of Madrid. Designed by Ignacio Borrego, Néstor Montenegro and Lina Toro of dosmasuno arquitectos, the Casa Syntes is described by the architects as a 'house between courtyards,' its form shaped by the voids created by the spatial relationships between the built components.
United by a lime green handrail that flows around the external space like a ribbon, before launching upwards and into the superstructure to form a series of angled supporting columns.
The entire house is raised up above its plot on a 1m-high plinth, a device that sets the white-walled structure further apart from the scrubby, as-yet-unoccupied plots that surround it. In fact, the house appears to be entirely detached from the surroundings, an impression enhanced by the way the raised terrace above the ground floor kitchen area appears to have little or no relationship with the boundary fence.
As the raised element of the house runs the length of the site, it steps up to form three terraces, interlinked by walkways and ramps. In sectional form, the different levels and voids make for a complex living space, with at least six different levels interlocking through the space, united by the same large white floor tiles.
From ground level, a raised ramp acts as a parking space, set beneath the highest point of the house, a pair of bedrooms perched up on pilotis. Starting at the car deck, stairs descend to the main living space, which flows the length of space, punctuated by three courtyards. The basement dining area and sitting room are counterbalanced by the kitchen placed at the heart of the house, from where there are views through and across the glazed courtyard doors to the spaces above and below. The master suite is set above the living area, accessed via a stair formed from folded steel box sections, turning the staircase into an abstract sculpture.
Detailing throughout is minimal, yet the eye is constantly confounded by the changes in level and the relationship between interior and exterior space. Casa Syntes exploits these with the boldly coloured handrail and sculptural interventions, making the house its own seductive private world.