Now that the days are getting longer and our attention spans a little shorter, it seems the ideal time for the perennial summer reading race to commence - and how better to kick things off than in impeccable Swiss style.
This month the dewy-eyed design duo at Franco-Swiss firm Fulguro, will be peddling their biblio-friendly wares in Glasgow’s architectural centre - The Lighthouse.

Fulguro at Lighthouse, Glasgow

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The show, Les Liseuses, takes its title from all-encompassing Gallic counterpart, Liseuses, alludes to anything vaguely reading related. Lamps, dust jackets, paperknives and bookmarks all fall under the jurisdiction of the Les Liseuses literary umbrella.
For this occasion, the Alpine innovators have transformed the Lighthouse gallery into a reading room, dotted sparingly with Fulguro’s unadorned pieces. Whilst being predominantly book-based, all the items in the collection have been tailored specifically to beachside pursuits.
With rudimentary wood and canvas sunshades, a cake slice side table with room to hang your book between basting, and a chunkily woven, expansive sunlounger (adapted for indoors) – Fulguro’s simple vision offers a taste of seaside listlessness in the big bad city.