As the economy comes down around our ears, general wisdom decrees that purse strings should be tightened wherever possible. If you haven’t managed to bag your dream home already though, help is at hand courtesy of The Modern House’s new lettings agency, which means you can ride out the economic storm in style, albeit in a temporary abode.

The Modern House is a UK-based estate agency that specialises in 20th and 21st century homes ‘of distinction’, started by former architecture journalists Albert Hill and Matt Gibberd (himself the grandson of Modernist architect Frederick Gibberd). The two spotted a hole in the market for people who wanted to buy and sell houses and flats designed by big name architects. From Breuer to Goldfinger, Foster to Rogers, the duo sought to combine their expertise and contacts to provide a service that catered for the design savvy.

And now they’ve added a lettings service too, offering up a series of significant buildings for temporary residence in both urban and rural areas. Riding high as one of our favourites at the moment is the beautiful art deco building Stillness in Kent, designed by Gilbert Booth in 1934. The five-bedroom property, named in honour of the lack of noise in its surrounds, would make a very nice bolt-hole away from the clamour of London.