Even though it boasts a strategic spot in a prime location within one of Erlangen’s most sought-out residential areas, K House was still quite a challenge to design and build.
The plot is set on a steep north-facing slope of a building area limited to 125sq m due to local regulations, which made the particular piece of land almost unsellable.
This, however, did not put off Nurnberg architect Markus Gentner, who was commissioned by the owner a couple of years ago. Gentner has made the most of the site’s magnificent views, orientating the house so that the entrance is situated at the top of the plot, with a second partly buried level right below, following the site’s natural angle.
Looking over and beyond the slope, K House’s north side is mostly open, framing the long views with large openings. The overall building’s irregular shape may look relatively arbitrary at first glance but it is a result of a thoughtful design procedure; Gentner virtually wrapped the exterior shell around the carefully laid out interior spaces, arranged according to the optimum functionality as well as the client’s requirements. A ventilation plant for heat recovery and a pellet heater boost the house’s eco-credentials.
Entering from road level into the trapezoid-shaped structure, the visitor is led through the dining and kitchen area to the house’s main living room and terrace, while the more private functions are safely located on the lower floor.
Using the site’s restrictions to his advantage, Gentner has folded in and opened up the house’s concrete and timber-panel envelope, transforming a difficult site into the setting for a spacious and pleasant family home.