Sat on a green coastal spot of western Australia and offering some spectacular views, the Yallingup House is Perth-based Wright Feldhusen Architects' response to a request for a peaceful, rural, holiday retreat.
Intended to house the client, as well as their extended family, the internal layout was designed to be open and airy. The main living area is located in a large glassed pavilion, making the most of the sweeping valley views. A series of external living areas are placed under the large roof overhang, extended to the north.
Underneath, a stone bedroom suite is nestled in the hill, next to more bedrooms, a move that helped considerably with the room's noise insulation. While the house's main bedroom is a separate room connected with the pavilion above ground. The intersection of this element with the living area creates the house's main entrance.
As the client was in the steel fabrication industry, it seemed only natural to use steel in the building's construction base. Almost in contrast to the firm steel base and the overall clearly contemporary house design, the materials used in the house's interior are warm and earthy -- including different types of stone -- and will be left to weather naturally over time.
Bridging together contemporary design and natural materials, the Yallingup Holiday House is a modern, comfortable family home as well as a peaceful country holiday retreat.