Bark Design Architects' eco-friendly philosophy made them the perfect candidates to design this new beach house on Queensland's fragile Discovery Coast landscape. Nestled within the beach's sand dunes and endemic vegetation, the house is strongly linked to its sensitive yet gorgeous natural surroundings as well as the area's architectural history.
Light and transparent, it makes the most of the area's pleasant climate with its indoor/outdoor relationships through a series of timber lounge decks and viewing platforms. The site's vegetation was mapped out during the design process and the house's footprint had to be adjusted for a minimum impact.
Referencing elements from the area's traditional fishing and beach huts in the house's form and structure, the architects worked with a series of sustainable materials; corrugated iron, fibro-cement sheet cladding and locally sourced hardwoods. Additionally, clerestory glazing captures daylight and encourages natural cooling, solar panels take care of the owners' energy needs and rainwater is harvested and reused.
A responsive and green addition to a natural setting, this beach house not only makes the most of the plot's expansive views, but is also a great showcase for the practice's sustainable design approach.