Chemical reaction: design-minded healthcare from SagittaMed

Chemical reaction: design-minded healthcare from SagittaMed

‘I was the black sheep of the family,’ confesses Sabine Fasching, founder of SagittaMed, a new healthcare product company based in Munich. ‘I grew up in a pharmaceutical family but I was the one who wanted to be creative.’ 

Having lived and worked in London for over ten years as a graphic designer, when Sabine returned to her home city in 2013 she found herself looking at her family’s trade through fresh eyes.

The Fasching family business was started in Munich in 1909, when Sabine’s great grandfather took over the city’s oldest pharmacy; two years later, he started distributing his own over-the-counter pharmaceuticals under the registered trademark of ‘Sagitta’. The business flourished, selling its products across Germany for over 80 years until it was sold to BASF in 1994.

Sagitta’s smart blue-and-white packaging

In 2014, together with her father and business partner Stefan Fasching, Sabine repurchased the Sagitta trademark and set to work creating a line of products inspired by the age-old remedies and elixirs that she grew up with. Believing that prevention is better than a cure, SagittaMed’s debut product range is a family of bacteria-balancing supplements that help to nurture a healthy immune system.

Smartly packaged in clean blue and white boxes, the revamped Sagitta branding reflects Sabine’s design background – a key component in setting Sagitta apart from its aesthetically-challenged competitors. ‘There are so many great products out there but they are usually poorly presented on dated websites alongside depressing images that just make you want to close the browser,’ laments Fasching, whose sleek website seeks to engage with its audience by offering up friendly advice and healthcare tips. ‘With SagittaMed I want to take all of the knowledge that my family has gathered over the years and share it with the world.’

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