Time was when a bag, belt and shoes defined an accessory. No longer – especially when the house of Prada sets the pace with the launch, today, of its much anticipated new phone.
Developed with the electronic wizardry of long term collaborator LG, the phone is (every pun intended) a smooth talker. When more involved tasks – besides haranguing one’s beleaguered banker – are required, the handset’s sleek black screen silently slips aside to reveal a silvery QWERTY keyboard.

Prada Phone

see more images of the Prada handset and the Prada Link
For face-to-face chats, there is a video calling function, while a robust HTML browser teams up with a two megapixel camera (complete with sharply focused Schneider Kreuznach lens) to round off a phone that is as multi-functional as it is good looking.
Prada is clearly pulling out all stops for today’s phone launch. In addition to a new spin off from ‘Fallen Shadows’, the surrealistic short mini film now showing on Prada’s website, that was shot using advanced motion capture and cyber scanning technology, it’s also releasing Prada Link.
A sinuous wrist-watch made of metal, tempered glass and signature saffiano leather that’s part bracelet and part phone, the Prada Link cleverly alerts the wearer to incoming calls, text messages and caller ID (there are even security features) – all without ever lifting the phone out of your bag or pocket, though it seems such a pity not to, especially when you have a phone this sexy.