When it comes to the green agenda, there are many things in life that are stuck in their carbon consumptive ways; power plants, tanks, four by fours and superbikes to name just a few. The latest project from San Francisco-based design troupe, fuseproject, however, is all geared up to set a whole new, eco-friendly agenda for the hot-rod.

Fronted by award winning industrial designer Yves Béhar - fuseproject (in partnership with American motorcycle makers, Mission Motors) have silenced skeptics by producing the worlds fastest electro-powered sportsbike. With an unexpectedly swift top speed of 150mph and a superhero style body - this is a machine that, at the very least, will leave the ozone layer a hole lighter.

The sharp, sculpted lines of Béhar’s creation along with the futuristically detailed design give the bike a subtle meatiness, without which, the fuseproject sportbike would be left trailing behind its gas guzzling competitors. At the top of the electronic-auto spectrum, Behar’s bike proves that, in the words of the man himself, ‘green or virtuous products don’t have to equate with indifferent design’.