Google is on a mission to prove that its Glass has a realistic place in our near future. Today the digital giant unveils the new Titanium Collection of frames that take the device's wearability up a distinct notch.

The Google Glass (nominated for Life-enhance of the Year in the Wallpaper* Design Awards) is currently available as a flexible and feather-light lensless frame - albeit in a tightly controlled testing phase. The new collection sees the device take on a more fashion-forward approach that's set to widen its already mythic appeal.

The Titanium Collection comprises four titanium optical frames and three sporty sunglass options. The family of classic frames can not only be fitted with the voice-activated Glass device, which easily connects through a port hidden on the right arm of the frame, but also prescription lenses for those with less than perfect eyesight. The result is a more integrated way to wear a device that prides itself on being the most un-intrusive piece of tech out there.