‘Limited edition’ is a term we’ve become quite accustomed to in most areas we scour. From t-shirts and books to vodka bottles and fragrances, companies have been quick to capitalize on our inherent instinct of wanting something not just ordinary, not extraordinary even, but something exceptional. An afternoon tea on limited run, however, is a rare find on all counts. Starting this Monday, The Dorchester, London will host the world-renowned pastry chef Christophe Michalak in its halls for an afternoon treat to remember.

To celebrate his British sojourn, Michalak recently conducted a pastry masterclass in the sprawling Dorchester kitchens. We were amongst the lucky few to witness this past pastry World Champion at work.
For one week only, Michalak will leave his usual post at the Plaza Athénée and re-create twelve of his signature confections for guests to enjoy in the elegant confines of The Promenade or the Dorchester spa. With offerings ranging from his most popular pastries like the ‘Power Flower’, a financier sponge smothered in strawberry Bavarian cream, strawberry coulis and lychee Chantilly, to ones inspired by his childhood, such as an almond paste rendition of the Plaza Athénée bear mascot resting on a chocolate dome filled with strawberries, violets and nougat, the French Collection afternoon tea is bound to be at the top of any London foodies’ list.
Although we anticipate a bunfight over The Promenade’s two sittings a day, those slow to the plate can still enjoy Michalak’s smorgasbord of delicacies as they can be pre-ordered to take away in boxes of up to twelve.