Still in its early life, B.Nice Cream is a very 21st-century enterprise. A cottage industry of cookie, cupcake, muffin, sorbet and ice cream making, it began when Rio-based Nina Bellotto, an assistant film-director and lifelong lover of home-baked treats, decided to boost holiday funds by baking a batch of cookies to sell at the 'Mercado da Lapa' farmer's market.
Her repertoire grew as did her holiday ambitions - and her following - after she advertised her strictly organic, chemical-free sweet treats on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and a blog.
Last July, she returned from the NY premier of a film by her husband (Calvito Leal of Barry Nice Productions - the inspiration for the name) with a Cuisinart icecream maker, and soon her ice creams and sorbets became a fixture too, flaunting flavours that are fresh and seasonal, from persimmon to passion fruit, pineapple to mango, alongside the more indulgent chocolate and dulce de leche.
'When I started, I planned to save up and open a store but I realized that the 2.0 aspect was the way to go. Communication with the client is what makes this such a different endeavour,' says the canny Bellotto.
With her friend, designer, and now baking partner Tite Zobaran, she is developing services such as Ice Cream Subscription and Happy Office, where deliveries of pre-established amounts of goodies are delivered every friday afternoon. How civilised.