For regulars at Salone, mealtimes have traditionally been a hit and miss affair with meals grabbed on the run, and not much attention being paid to what’s being eaten.
This year’s edition probably marks a culinary watershed as a clutch of restaurateurs open pop-up eateries that are proving to be every bit as essential to get into as one of the major Salone design shows.
In the heart of the iconic Galleria Victor Emanuele II, for instance, architect Simone Micheli has created Mi-Sha, a sunlit interior offering a tasty blend of Milanese traditions and Chinese flavours.

Rising Brit chef Stevie Parle’s menu at the Tom Dixon designed Parlement is an ode to seasonal Milanese seafood and that quintessential British institution, the afternoon tea. Here, Parle’s freshly baked scones are slathered with Sicilian strawberry jam and served with Vietnamese jasmine tea.
And riffing on the Dutch reputation for recycling and conservation, design academy Eindoven’s café, DAE is a raw space in which containers hold fresh Dutch produce which are progressively used up in the café (as simple, minimally packed take-away dishes), and then refilled with Italian produce. At the end, the refilled containers are brought back to the Netherlands.