From boutique aquarium firm Okeanos Aquascaping comes a new fish tank design hoping to make a splash with consumers.

Conceived by designer-duo Martin Schapira and Nathan Kamelhar, the new aquarium design is described as ‘an integrated freestanding arrangement that fuses cutting edge technology with contemporary design’. The design of the tank consists of a sleek and stylish aesthetic that, although minimal, does not lack practicality – having been designed to accommodate either fresh or saltwater fish, or a planted terrarium.

Named ‘Isolate’, the fundamental objective for the new aquariums is to allow the fish-fanatics who purchase them to create ‘a completely personalised and self-contained miniature environment’. The designers hope that the fish tanks can then take a place in the consumer’s home – much like that of a flower in a vase – in which the viewer can sit, ponder and admire the beauty of nature isolated from its natural surroundings.

The new marine habitats are the culmination of many years of experience for the New York-based firm, which has collaborated with various people from the worlds of architecture, design and art, and who have had their designs exhibited in renowned institutions such as New York's MoMA and the Centre Pompidou. Having also previously completed over 150 custom projects internationally, 'Isolate' draws on Okeanos Aquascaping’s decision to manufacture a line of ‘ready-built’ aquariums and release them to a wider mass market.

With their quirky, unique designs and modern finishes, the 'Isolate' aquariums are sure to go down swimmingly with purchasers.