Out like a light: Sarah Colson’s new sculptural collection

Out like a light: Sarah Colson’s new sculptural collection

First debuting her sculptural objects at Milan’s 2014 Design Junction with a light shade made entirely out of bronzed paper clips, Sarah Colson has now released a new lighting collection, shown during Maison & Objet 2015. Specialising in sculptural lighting objects, such as colourful vases showcasing a range of glass blowing techniques, Colson’s new collection once again focuses on making the most of basic materials.

’Lapis Lux’ –  Latin for ’stone light’ – includes two desk lamps and a variety of interchangeable hanging ’pendant’ lights. The lamps are both anchored by a solid stone base, seemingly pulled upwards by the hand-blown, inverted teardrop glass forms.

It may be surprising to know that the inspiration for Colson’s elegant final pieces were born out of experiments in which the designer bound pens to bottles with elastic bands; it was this that enabled her to first visualise the ridged glass effect so crucial to her final design. This was later translated into glass through use of conturax tubing.

Following a trend in the popularity of filament lighting, the delicate shade and further use of ridged glass in the ’Lapis Lux Tear’ pendant are used to amplify the detail in the bulb. Both elements of the piece complement each other, together making a good case for aesthetic simplicity. 

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