As far as motor-related crime goes, Italian highways score pretty high. But things could be about to change for those would-be car thieves or speedsters out there as the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Polizia hits the tarmac. Like a dream prop in a Hollywood action film, the new police car, decked out in trademark blue and white, can reach astonishing speeds – up to 203 mph – thanks to its 560 horsepower engine, enough to catch and overtake virtually anything else on the road.

In addition to the obvious speed advantage, the car has been fitted with some handy technology, including automatic licence plate tracking, real-time image transmission, a GPS system capable of determining vehicle speed, and even a defibrillator and refrigerated storage for handling medical emergencies. If Batman were Italian, this would definately be his ride.

Lamborghini has donated only one of their brand new models to the Italian police force, to replace a previous Gallardo that had been in use since 2004.