With the ice cream revolution well afoot in the United States, there is no shortage of creative approaches to everyone’s favourite sweet treat. New York City’s Ice & Vice, an unadulterated ice cream parlour in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, came to our attention this month with its array of experimental flavours that share traits with fine dining. Since opening its shop at the beginning of June (the label previously touted it wares at food markets all over the city), Ice & Vice has lured visitors through its stylish doors with such enlightened concoctions as Tea Dance (Nilgiri tea leaf ice cream mixed with lemon charcoal salted caramel), Shiso Pretty (strawberry ice cream with swirls of shiso white balsamic jam) and Tico Time (a pink guava base with chunks of chili lime plaintain chips).

Company founders Ken Lo and Paul Kim, who make each variety in small batches, were motivated to create flavour profiles that differed from the norm. Throw in equally elevated ice cream cones, like a birthday cake flavoured variety (yellow cake, vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles) and the parlour’s own dark chocolate chai cone, all created by Brooklyn makers The Konery, and you’ve got a stand-out player in a saturated market. Very cool.