Previously a runner-up for Best Restaurant in our 2006 Design Awards, Canteen has since become a speed dial destination for London foodies in need of a quick refuel. Be it a scotch egg, a pint of prawns or some devilled kidneys on toast, Canteen has got quality, traditional British food down.

Today sees the launch of their third location on Baker Street. And with plans to open a fourth Canteen outlet in Canary Wharf next year - a veritable stab in the heart of the credit crunch - it seems it’s not just us who are fans.

Upholding the same virtues that won us over in the original Spitalfields incarnation– uncomplicated, seasonal, cooked-to-order food – the Baker Street location piqued our interest with the inclusion of some very handsome design elements too.

London-based duo Andre Klauser and Ed Carpenter have designed a 1950s inspired table and a generously sized coat hook for each booth. More than simply neat designs for a new restaurant, the items are the first output by a new design and production company, Very Good and Proper.