Our China-devoted issue wouldn’t be complete without us shedding some light on a major aspect of Chinese culture: food. Our insiders tipped us off on a niche, the regional cuisine known as Huaiyang, which is historically regarded as one of four important cuisines in China.
Known for its light quality and delicate flavour, Huaiyang dishes have today come back into vogue, with several restaurants serving updated versions of its classics.
One of the major purveyors of Huaiyang cuisine is The Whampoa Club in Shanghai. Located on the Bund and armed with a view of the Huangpu river, this mega-restaurant became the backdrop for the culinary photoshoot, Fresh Course, in this month’s issue.
As Chef Yap Poh Weng whipped up servings of Lion’s Head meat dumplings, brown wheat gluten with mushrooms, slow-cooked dried tofu and drunken chicken from the restaurant’s menu, we were largely left to our own devices, running free in the kitchen.

 behind the scenes

Go behind the scenes of the Made in China food shoot at the Wampoa Club, Shanghai