Herbal hero: Aēsop’s new plant-based deodorant

Herbal hero: Aēsop’s new plant-based deodorant

Melbourne beauty brand Aēsop has been creating plant-based, top quality care products since 1987. Their freshest release, ’Herbal Deodorant’, bottles the best: gentle, effective ingredients that leave you feeling renewed, smelling clean and ready to go.

The formula contains zinc ricinoleate to eliminate coryneform bacteria – the main contributor to unwanted body odour. A blend of essential oils, including rosemary, sage, and eucalyptus, creates a delicious and uplifting aroma, applicable post-shower.

Aluminium-free and suitable for men and women, the deodorant comes in the form of a convenient spray, ideal for use at home, at the gym or while travelling.

With Aēsop’s ’Herbal Deodorant’, a fresh take on the day is only a spray away.

‘Herbal Deodorant’ will be available late April.

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