Thellius Zamprogno trained as an architect and is now a graphic designer and trend monitor at JungleDrums Magazine, a London-based title specialising in Brazilian and Latin culture.
How does working in London compare to working in Brazil?
Working in London is way more intense. Things happen really fast, there is easy access to all kinds of information - loads of different cultures, not to mention the events, gigs, exhibitions and shops. Phew! There’s always some event to attend and thousands more you can’t because you just don’t have time. Also, a lot of trends start here, and you feel you can go out and find the coolest ideas in the world just lurking behind a brick wall. In Brazil, when you decide to do something new and different you really have to go for it; it’s not easy. Unless you live in a big city like Sao Paulo, you have to fight for acceptance and for a space in people’s imagination, especially working in design.

What things do you miss most about Brazil?
It’s a cliché, I know, but I miss the weather. It makes a huge impact on a daily basis and if it could always be summer in London, then the city would be perfect. It’s unbearable hearing my friends in Brazil complaining about the heat, especially when winds that are colder then Odin’s breath are blowing outside.
What would a perfect night out in Brazil involve?
I’d go out to party hard with no deadline. Loads of good friends. Beautiful people. It wouldn’t matter where, and I would walk home in the morning along the beaches of Vitoria, Espirito Santo.
Are there any Brazilian expressions that would translate well in to English?
’Enfiar o pé na jaca’ which translates as ’to shove your foot into the jackfruit’. It means don’t worry about anything and do whatever you want. It doesn’t make sense in English, but it sounds funny.