We’ve long been fans of John Pawson (a particularly close friend to our Editor-At-Large). From buildings to books, desks to door handles, Pawson has done it all. At the ‘100 Years of Demeyere’ show (on until 8 Feb 09) at the Design Museum, Ghent, an entire room is devoted to Pawson’s long-standing collaboration with the cookware company.
How do you have your hair done?

Cut short, so that I only need to go back four times a year.
What is your favourite Fourth Floor shampoo?

Fig & Neroli
What fragrance do you wear?

What fragrance would you buy for your partner?

I wouldn’t, simply because I prefer people to smell of themselves. And I don’t like the way perfume disrupts the way you experience food and wine. I recently bought a woman’s fragrance by Issey Miyake, but that was because I wanted the bottle, which was designed by Shiro Kuramata.
Home fragrances: a godsend or the devil’s work?

I prefer fresh flowers, or the natural smells of vanilla and sandalwood.
Soap & water vs. cleanse, tone, exfoliate? What brands do you use?
Hibiscrub, an antibacterial skin cleanser so effective it is used in hospitals.