Situated in the coastal suburb of Højbjerg on the outskirts of Aarhus is Villa Wienberg, a family home that pays homage to nature. Designed by Aarhus-based Friis & Moltke (co-founded by Martin Wienberg) in collaboration with Mette Wienberg of Wienberg Architects, the house stands like a sleek, Danish fortress amidst the surrounding foliage.

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The unconventional Villa Wienburg (also the personal residence of the architects) is the result of a conversion and extension of a 1940s Danish summerhouse previously on site. The angular composition of volumes dominates the plot with its tall and slender exterior black wood cladding, which is protected and interlaced with lush foliage. ’This creates changing patterns of shadows and filters the light,’ says Martin Wienberg.

Inside, the villa’s articulated floor plan and interesting mix of contrasting materials pave the way for an intriguing experience. Each room supports the architects’ intention to create a visually stimulating space. ’The transitions between the very homogenous spaces create a degree of surprise and makes one curious,’ explains Wienberg.

The living room for example, fashioned from soft oiled oak, creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere. In comparison to this, the modern kitchen sitting directly opposite is all concrete and steel with white painted wood mouldings on the ceiling. The floor-to-ceiling atrium acts as a base point, tying everything together before exploration of the surroundings can begin.

With an array of individual spaces brought together by a thoroughly thought-out layout, Villa Wienberg is a house in which ’all rooms are conceived in a relationship with each other’, providing a family with a home full of surprises.