Sited in the upscale Planalto Paulista neighbourhood of São Paulo, this 800 sq m house was designed by emerging Brazilian architect Flávio Castro for a young family of four. Castro, who featured in the Wallpaper* Architects Directory last year, conceived the two-storey dwelling as an urban house that could be considered exemplary of current Brazilian contemporary architecture.

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In a confident gesture, the architect boldly arranged the program across two distinct volumes, placed perpendicular to each other in plan. The two volumes - made out of exposed concrete, glass, wood and steel - also define the edges of a manicured grass pavilion, which features a wooden deck extending to a spa.  

The ground floor caters to the family’s social needs, encompassing the living, dining and recreational areas. The main circulation hub is situated at the point where both volumes meet, and from which two corridors run along the upper floor’s length on each level, linking together the different parts of the house.

The areas of the house that require added privacy, such as the master and secondary bedrooms and bathrooms, are situated on the second floor. Glass walls and openings add further transparency to an already open plan design. A long concrete wall on the northwestern end of the house frames the barbecue area, while a decked roof terrace adds a further option for al fresco entertainment to a house that elegantly combines indoors and outdoors.