Positioned on a pebbly beach in the seaside town of Aldeburgh in Suffolk, a poorly lit 19th-century house was the starting point for London-based Azman Architects. Having previously worked with the clients (a family of four) on the refurbishment of their Victorian city house, the architects were asked to transform this space into a contemporary holiday retreat.

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Due to the poor condition of the interior walls and floors, the home required a complete overhaul - a useful opportunity to reconfigure the spatial design and natural lighting from scratch. ’The staircase was positioned to act as an anchor in the house,’ explains Ferhan Azman. ’We highlighted this by installing a roof light above the stairwell to filter daylight to the rear rooms.’ Glazed slits in some internal walls visually unify the rooms and provide framed vistas of the North Sea.

With all four bedrooms occupying the first floor, the ground floor benefits from an airy and bright open plan, impeded only by a subtle row of thin pillars sectioning off the dining room from the main living area. The interior is a true study in white, its walls lined with an unobtrusive painted softwood panelling that seamlessly melds into cabinet and cupboard doors. The floor, meanwhile, is coated in handmade Moroccan tiles.

The architects added touches of colour with bespoke furniture and a patterned wall in the master bedroom. ’We often introduce a playful element or a gentle departure from the overall language in our projects,’ says Azman. The cheeful blue façade completes the picture for this smart, light-filled redesign.