Urban sculpture: Berlin show celebrates Jurgen Mayer H’s expressive architecture

Urban sculpture: Berlin show celebrates Jurgen Mayer H’s expressive architecture

German architect Jurgen Mayer H’s eye-catching work is to be celebrated in a dedicated exhibition in Berlin. The show, titled ‘Strukturalien – Architecture as urban sculpture’, opens today at the Haus Am Waldsee art centre.

Founded in the German capital in 1996, Mayer’s firm, J Mayer H Architects, is known for its considerable body of work and the way in which it transcends the boundaries of disciplines through its expressiveness and creative interpretation of a brief. The studio’s portfolio spans from numerous exhibitions and installations, to large-scale urban planning schemes and public buildings.

This comprehensive retrospective covers Mayer’s full body of work, starting with several early speculative projects and material studies. A series of sketches presents the architect’s journey and multi-faceted approach to architecture, presenting his studio’s interest in innovative structural and sculptural architectural solutions.

Mayer’s architectural language is heavily influenced by art and sculpture, as well as the small details in life. An early furniture design project, for example, called 69-0 Number, was inspired by the data protection patterns that appear on the inside of envelopes, making confidential documents illegible to outsiders. Mayer drew on those patterns, tranferring them into the three-dimensional realm.

Navigating through analogue and digital experimentations, Mayer’s architecture is a hybrid of both, almost seemingly the output from an algorithm. The architect also finds inspiration in the relationship between man and technology, stating that his ‘buildings are a contemporary reflection on the relations between body, space, technology and communication.’

A variety of displays illustrate the practice’s formal and intellectual foundations, while a video installation projects animation onto a series of wire frame models, perfectly in keeping with the architect’s knack for blending technology and architectural form. 

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