What do we want from our fifth home? Lots of space for entertaining, great views, a covetable structure with address to match, some uber-fancy amenities and plenty of privacy.
Developments targeting the planet’s deepest-pocketed, recession-proof, house-hunters have come up with all sorts of versions of this utopian dream.
With as many superlatives as they have storeys, these schemes rarely adhere to the less-is-more mantra. Think SOM’s Burj Dubai, which, we are told, is designed “to embody the world’s highest aspirations”. Fringe benefits here include a cigar club, the fastest lifts in the world, and the chance to snap peregrine falcons as they migrate past your no doubt hermetically sealed expanse of window.
Vendors work hard to convince their audience that they offer the ultimate lifestyle, and while they might not say that their multi-million-pound duplex penthouses are better than sex, that’s certainly the implication.
It remains to be seen, of course, whether aspirational living as presented by Rogers, Piano and their ilk really is immune to the recession.


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