Wallpaper* Augmented Reality

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About this project

Jump on board for our pixel-popping, mind-bending experiment in new multimedia mechanics. Augmented reality is one of a number of new technologies that are going to download into our daily lives next year. So we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see what AR can do.

Over the coming weeks we're using our Next Generation issue as an excuse to play around with what AR can do, devising our own animations in two different types of AR technology (FlarToolkit and Total Immersion, for those already in the know). In addition to our experiments we'll be showcasing a series of other people's work with AR - a quest to uncover the practical, creative and dynamic possibilities of this interactive technology.

Using AR is, thankfully, not rocket science. Simply fire up your computer, activate your webcam and log on to Click on each of the the tabs on the right and hold up the black and white graphic on the relevant page of W*130. Keep your copy in front of the webcam (taking care to keep the box free of stray digits), wiggle, twist and watch Wallpaper* grow a whole new dimension.

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