There’s any number of reasons for winging your way to the Maldives. That it’s slowly sinking into the Indian Ocean is one. Another is the irresistible Velassaru resort.
In her first international outing, Singapore-based interior designer Leong Mei Keng has unveiled a sensual blend of white linen, silver leafed walls, stone and oak. Her finest moment however is the beach front bar, Ven.


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Here, a hypnotic tessellated timber roof hangs over a raised bar that’s lined with muscular stone steps and an over-sized capsule shaped chaise.
To watch the sunset, the drink of choice is a sultry Kamikaze of vodka and triple sec. And just steps away, the fabled Maldives sand – the colour of pure white crushed coral – frames crystalline water that, in shifting shades of Tiffany-blue, stretches clear across to the distant horizon.