With a prime waterfront pitch, Wellington’s Ohtel isn’t just a 
new hotel with a spelling mistake. Offering ten unique rooms and 
a geometrical facade looking onto 
the capital’s inner harbour, the 
four-storey building was designed according to owner Alan Blundell’s vision. ‘Clad in wood and glass, it has eco-friendly credentials, with solar panels and a heat exchanger for hot water,’ he explains.
A collector of vintage furniture, Alan Blundell also chose the mid-century pieces used around the hotel, from Eames chairs to Scandinavian tables and clocks, and vintage ceramics. With opulent bathrooms, stunning harbour 
views and locally sourced vivid woollen fabrics, the suites are 
a mix of high-tech, eco-awareness and 1950s and 1960s style. 
A real designer ohtel.
Rates: from NZ$550 (£205)