Indecision is rarely a good quality, but sometimes, just sometimes, the pick n’ mix approach works. One such example is Gitane – a brand new bar and restaurant in San Francisco who’s unabashed hodge-podge of both its interior and menu seems to have paid off.


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Chandeliers from 1950’s France, mid-century lighting, artwork from Turkey, vintage-inspired wallpaper from UK designer Deborah Bowness, speciality fabrics and furnishings from Anthropologie and Tom Dixon combine in a sumptuous jumble of colours and textures.
While in the kitchen Chef Lisa Eyherabide creates an equally bold statement with bistro fare embelematic of the Basque region, but inspired by equal measure from neighbouring Spain, France and Portugal.
Never let it be said that the Golden city’s light is fading; judging by Gitane, there’s rather a lot still to come.