Where to eat in Copenhagen: designers’ favourite haunts

Local designers Charlie Hedin, Christian+Jade, David Thulstrup, Julius Iversen and Maria Bruun reveal where to eat in Copenhagen

A lemon cake and a restaurant interior from our guide to where to eat in Copenhagen
Left, a morning treat at Dallas, and right, the interiors at Bobe, both favourites of designer Maria Bruun
(Image credit: Courtesy of Dallas and Bobe)

Wondering where to eat in Copenhagen during 3 Days of Design 2024 and beyond? Local designers Charlie Hedin, Christian+Jade, David Thulstrup, Julius Iversen and Maria Bruun, some of the most exciting names in the city’s contemporary design scene, reveal their favourite restaurants, wine bars and bakeries. To eat like a true Scandi, however, one must start by embracing the Danish philosophy of hygge, finding comfort and wellbeing in life's simple pleasures – a steaming cup of coffee, the aroma of a freshly baked cinnamon roll or a leisurely sip of natural wine. Got it? Then keep reading to discover where designers like to go.

Where to eat in Copenhagen, a designers’ guide

Charlie Hedin

Potrait of Charlie Hedin
Charlie Hedin

Charlie Hedin’s Tekla quickly became one of the most covetable brands for anything sleep, bath and living products since its inception in 2017 – not only for its strong Scandinavian minimalist design principles but also for its environmentally conscious and design-led credentials. Most recently, Tekla’s commitment to design has grown deeper through creative partnerships, such as with British architect John Pawson, and collections inspired by the industry’s finest, as evident in its latest Aino Aalto-inspired bedding range.

Morning treat at La Banchina

Cake at La Banchina

(Image credit: Courtesy of La Banchina)

‘In the summertime, I recommend starting your day at La Banchina – a harbour spot with an outdoor café and bar – with a classic Copenhagen breakfast: a sourdough bun with butter and cheese. Arrive early to enjoy a swim or sauna away from the crowds.’

La Banchina is located at Refshalevej 141, labanchina.dk

Wine o'clock at Ved Stranden 10

Wine bottles at Ved Stranden 10

(Image credit: Courtesy of Ved Stranden 10)

‘Ved Stranden 10 is a wine bar tucked away on a quiet street by the canal, with intimate interiors. Stop by for a glass of natural wine with a view of the Christiansborg Palace.’

Ved Stranden 10 is located at Ved Stranden 10, vedstranden10.dk

Dinner at Admiralgade 26

Fish dish at Admiralgade 26

(Image credit: Courtesy of Admiralgade 26)

‘Finishing the day with dinner at Admiralgade 26 is always a good idea. They serve casual yet elevated dishes, including a set tasting menu focused on a vegetarian and seafood selection.’

Admiralgade 26 is located at Admiralgade 26, admiralgade26.com


Portrait of Christian+Jade
Jade Chan and Christian Hammer Juhl

Established by Jade Chan and Christian Hammer Juhl, Christian+Jade is a design studio based in Copenhagen and Singapore. The studio’s practice is celebrated for delving into the transformative potential of everyday design through the exploration of materials and skilled craftsmanship, as seen in its Weight of Wood project for the Danish timber company Dinesen.

Morning treat at Alice

Gammeldags Fastelavnsbolle and Kringle Fastelavnsbolle at Alice Bakery

(Image credit: Courtesy of Alice Bakery)

‘We love stopping by Alice in the mornings on our way to the studio to grab coffee and a cheese bun. They also have delicious pastries and homemade ice cream, which you can have sitting outside.’

Alice is located at Markmandsgade 1, alicecph.dk

Wine o’clock at Bottega Barlie

Wine bottles at Bottega Barlie

(Image credit: Courtesy of Bottega Barlie)

‘In the summer, we love picking up a bottle of wine from our local wine store, Österreich Vin, and relaxing in the sun at King’s Garden or by the water. During the fall, we always make our way to Bottega Barlie for great natural wine and a wonderful atmosphere.’

Bottega Barlie is located at Fredericiagade 78, barlie.dk

Dinner at Jatak

Aged Pike Perch, Zephito Squash and Marigold at Jatak

(Image credit: Courtesy of Jatak)

‘We always look forward to visiting Jatak; we know we can always rely on chef Jonathan Tam’s exquisite tasting menu when we get there.’

Jatak is located at Rantzausgade 39, jatakcph.com

David Thulstrup

Portrait of David Thulstrup
David Thulstrup

Danish architect and designer David Thulstrup is fluent in modern design, from furniture to lighting. His sincere use of materials and clear intentions have earned him numerous accolades for his work on the interiors of the Michelin-starred Noma restaurant in Copenhagen. Last year (2023), Phaidon released David Thulstrup: A Sense of Place, a comprehensive book about his professional achievements and personal life.

Morning treat at Lille Bakery

Pastries at Lille Bakery

(Image credit: Courtesy of Lille Bakery)

‘Copenhagen has a lot of incredibly good bakeries and coffee places in general, but I have a real weakness for Lille, a bakery and eatery that uses seasonal produce from local, small-scale farmers and millers.’

Lille is located at Refshalevej 213B, lillegrocery.com

Wine o’clock at Lille Blå

Wine bottles at Lille Blå

(Image credit: Courtesy of Lille Blå)

‘Without a doubt, Lille Blå: Copenhagen’s blue-coloured wine bar specialised in natural and organic Austrian wines. The service is always very friendly and welcoming.’

Lille Blå is located at Esplanaden 3, @lilleblaavinbar

Dinner at Lumskebugten

Food at Lumskebugten

(Image credit: Courtesy of Lumskebugten)

‘Close to the maritime area of Langelinie, home of The Little Mermaid statue, there is a nice restaurant called Lumskebugten, which serves traditional Danish dishes in an elegant setting.’

Lumskebugten is located at Esplanaden 21, lumskebugten.dk

Julius Iversen

Picture of Julius Iversen
Julius Iversen

Founder of creative studio and exhibition space Tableau, Julius Iversen is a floral designer whose work spans object design, set design, interior design and architectural installations. Iversen’s innovative approach to using flowers as a material undoubtedly blurs the line between what’s considered art and design – as seen in Tableau’s collaboration with the Gernes Foundation, which introduced a previously unreleased Poul Gernes flower lamp.

Morning treat at Amator

Full moon cake at Amator

(Image credit: Courtesy of Amator)

‘My good friend Mati Pichci recently opened Amator, an amazing café serving the best omelette in town – their full moon cake is to die for too. I also have a soft spot for Andersen & Maillard, especially for their Chocolate Swirl Croissant, and Prolog, known for serving the best coffee in the meatpacking district.’

Amator is located at Nordre Frihavnsgade 7, @amatorcph

Wine o’clock at Rosforth & Rosforth

Rosforth & Rosforth wine bottles

(Image credit: Courtesy of Rosforth & Rosforth)

‘I love buying wine from Rosforth & Rosforth. They have an amazing hidden wine bar and cellar located beneath Langebro, a historic bridge in central Copenhagen. Another place I really enjoy going to for a glass of wine is Bar Vivant in Nørrebro.’

Rosforth & Rosforth is located at Knippelsbrogade 10, rosforth.dk

Dinner at Bistro Boheme

Biksemad at Bistro Boheme

(Image credit: Courtesy of Bistro Boheme)

‘I enjoy going to various restaurants in Copenhagen, but my top pick is definitely Bistro Boheme. I'm a regular there, going almost every week. During the day, you've got to try the Biksemad, a classic Danish dish made with chopped meat, potatoes and onions fried in a pan. In the evening, their tartare is simply fantastic.’

Bistro Boheme is located at Esplanaden 8, bistroboheme.dk

Maria Bruun

Portrait of Maria Bruun
Maria Bruun

Maria Bruun established her eponymous design studio to deliver creative direction, furniture and interior design services rooted in the long-standing Danish design tradition. Bruun’s creations often reinterpret familiar shapes and materials, emphasising texture and proportions. During 3 Days of Design 2023, the designer unveiled a collection of sculptural stools called Pioneer in partnership with Fredericia Furniture.

Morning treat at Dallas

Interior of Dallas Coffee

(Image credit: Courtesy of Dallas)

‘My studio is located on a quaint cobblestone street by Sortedams Lake, an area home to one of the city's cosiest and smallest coffee spots, Dallas. Aside from serving great coffee and warm service, their Reuben sandwich is simply to die for.’

Dallas is located at Slagelsegade 2, @dallas.cph

Wine o’clock at Paris90

Wine bottles at Paris90

(Image credit: Courtesy of Paris90)

‘Paris90 is a gem of a wine shop. You can buy a bottle to take home or savour a glass while having a chat with Viktor, Davide, and Louie, who provide top-notch personal service, great humour and exceptional French wines. If you visit on weekends, you might get the chance to join a communal table and will likely leave with a few extra bottles.’

Paris90 is located at Classensgade 25A, paris90.dk

Dinner at Bobe

Bobe food

(Image credit: Courtesy of Bobe)

‘At the moment, I’m loving Bobe in the heart of Copenhagen. It was founded by the acclaimed chef, Bo Bech, and offers an authentic and unpretentious atmosphere complete with an open kitchen and a relaxing fireplace. I recommend trying out as many dishes as you can, sharing style. Don’t miss my Pioneer Stools at the restaurant’s wine bar.’

Bobe is located at Gråbrødretorv 11, restaurantbobe.com

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