The Emiliano has been one of São Paulo’s finest and most fashionable hotels since it opened in 2001, and its famous designer Arthur Casas intends to keep it that way.

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He recently completed a renovation that brought subtle changes to the lobby, like the addition of original solid wood armchairs by José Zanine Caldas and fresh custom fabrics for the Florence Knoll armchairs, as well as a captivating new centerpiece to the Emiliano Restaurant: a ‘living wall’, featuring a range of plant species from the Brazilian rainforest.
With the changes, the property maintains the same sophisticated style that made it a local icon, but with a decadent nod to the future. Casas is currently designing two new suites specifically to be the city’s largest and most luxurious, which will be complete by the holidays and offer an eagerly anticipated preview of the hotel’s full guestroom renovation planned for next year.