When we caught wind of the two latest upscale developments in the world of photography we thought it only fair to share the good news of both at the same time.
The first development comes courtesy of the Japanese photographic innovators at Ricoh. Taking the technological trend for pared-down convenience and running with it, Ricoh have produced the world’s smallest and lightest interchangeable camera unit, the GXR.
Featuring a range of interchangeable lenses - which can be switched and swapped with the use of the innovative slide-in mounting system –the GXR is rendered rapidly adaptable to each and every imaginable photographic situation.
Lithe, lightweight and elegant, the GXR also comes coated in a corrosion resistant ‘pear-skin’ casing - whilst the super-light magnesium alloy body combines maximum durability with minimum mass.
Somewhere on the similar end of the photographic spectrum, Leica have this month launched the latest collaborative camera with longtime partner, Hermes.
Taking its cue from 2003’s Leica MP Edition Hermes, the M7 comes complete in high-shine silver chrome casing, coated in two distinctly understated shades of leather - with either signature Hermes orange, or safari-style étoupe on offer.
Each version of Leica’s latest 35mm edition will be available in a limited run of 100 each, and both come complete with a matching round lens hood in silver anodized metal, a chrome-coated back and polished metal control elements.
With a price tag of £8,500 per piece, the Leica MP Edition Hermes may have moved into the realm of the super-camera - but we’re willing to bet that it’s worth every penny.