Serious gourmets and gourmands alike have long celebrated Singapore’s extraordinary food scene. And with good reason: every conceivable cuisine is on offer, including the recent arrival of Meat Smith, whose American barbecue menu includes briskets slow smoked over jarrah logs, crusty Southern fried chicken and fried green tomatoes.

What’s more, a new generation of Singaporean chefs, a good many of whom are not formally trained, have begun freestyling with the traditional Chinese, Indian, Malay and European fare to create unexpected hybrids. There’s Foodstruck’s spaghetti tossed with seafood, curry leaves and a thick, salted duck egg yolk sauce. Or Neh Neh Pop’s popsicles, whose flavours include a concoction of Thai mango sticky rice dipped in white chocolate, and a version armoured with pretzel bits, marshmallow, home-made peanut butter and caramel.

However, our pick for the Christmas office party tipples is The Sng Bao Society’s adult take on the classic Asian-style ice pack, flavoured with watermelon soju or Bailey’s green tea.

As originally featured in the December 2015 issue of Wallpaper* (*201)