An abstract ’anti-pavilion’ by New York-based artist Matthew Ritchie – a fantastic, tumbling, fractal, creation in dark grey aluminium – has been constructed in Seville as part of the Spanish city’s 3rd contemporary art biennale.


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The structure, entitled The Morning Line, is a geometrically expanded, built-up version of The Evening Line, a smaller, autonomous installation shown recently at the Venice Biennale. Ritchie describes his process, which tends to result in a rhythmic but whimsical aesthetic, as a coming together of ‘form and content, geometry and expression.’
The building’s fluid, seemingly organic form mimics its nature conceptually. It was devised as an interdisciplinary, collaborative shell that could grow and change according to the disparate contributions of artists, architects, engineers and musicians. Internal sensors register the actions of visitors and choreograph music, sound and video around physical movement.
The project is the result of a three-year collaboration between the artist, American architects Aranda/Lasch, structural designers from Arup AGU, and Thyssen Bornemisza Art Contemporary. It will move to London’s South Bank in January 2009.