As curator, lecturer and partner in his own practice Naja Deostos, Ricardo De Ostos trampolines regularly between London and Brazil. His forthcoming show, Swarming Futures, will take place in the Brazilian embassy during the London Festival of Architecture.

How does life in London compare to that in Brazilian cities?
My family is from Belo Horizonte and I also lived a while in Sao Paolo, and compared to both those cities, I would say that in London people live to work. The city is empirical and straightforward, a well-oiled working machine. But I have been here eight years now, so I understand some of the eccentricities of the culture. It always amuses me that in summer, London blossoms, with a host of festivals and events. The seasons really bring about changes in the way British people behave.
As a Brazilian in London, are there things which still seem really foreign to you?
The British wit, the veiled humour. It can be hours before I figure out a joke that I was told earlier in the day.
Are there a lot of opportunities in Brazil right now?
Yes. In terms of investigation and experimentation there’s a lot going on. The scene is changing fast- and it’s exciting, new and fresh. Historically, Brazil also has a very talented pool of architects on which to draw for inspiration.