True to its promise Rem Koolhaas’ Prada Transformer has indeed transformed, for the first time, from an exhibition space into a cinema. After launching at the end of April with Miuccia’s Waist Down exhibition of skirts from across the globe, the incredible structure, sat next to the Gyeonghui Palace in Seoul, rotated from its hexagonal floorplan to the second stage - a rectangle.


See more images of the cinema and how the transformation took place
Flesh, Mind and Spirit is the title of the cinema program which opens today, and consists of 14 films, one a day for two weeks, chosen by Oscar-nominated director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and co-curated by the cinema critic Elvis Micthell. The films, shown three times a day, are a mixed bag from 1955 to 2008. Speaking of his choices Inarritu said, ’It was a difficult task. You become and immediate traitor of a hundred others, but all these films provoked in me appetites that I never knew I had.’
The next stage of transformation will take place in mid-August - an art installation aptly called Turn into Me by Nathalie Djurberg, curated by the Fondazione Prada.