A former fashion stylist, German-born Amélie Riech rebooted her career in 2008 with her Uncommon Matters jewellery brand, using simple, abstract shapes. After collaborating for two years with Paco Rabanne, her latest collection – entitled NIV – marks her return to Uncommon Matters full time. Her latest pieces deliver a bold, architectural, unisex message designed to appeal to those who love both Donald Judd and Céline.

W*: Talk us through your working day. How does it start? Where do you work?
We have our studio in the centre of Berlin. I’m an early bird and I enjoy the walk to the studio when the city is still calm and empty.

W*: How much does technology impact on your creative process? How much time do you spend using pen and paper… and how much time using a computer? Do you use 3D imaging/rendering programs? 3D printing?
I constantly make small sketches and notes, but when it comes to designing we work directly with 1:1 mock-ups made from paper, metal, Styrofoam etc. Technology in my work is a tool for detailed specification, production and communication. We use 3D programs for detailed technical drawings and 3D printing for pieces that cannot be made by hand.

W*: How did you find your HP Sprout experience? Was it easy to use?
Very easy. The interface is simple and the handling very intuitive.

W*: How did you feel about abandoning the conventional mouse-operated interface?
It was a great experience to work with the big touch screen and the pad just using your fingers – it’s a very sensual and mobile way of working.

W*: In your line of work, how do you think Sprout would be best employed?
I think it will make my day-to-day business more efficient, and the 3D scanner will help plan final proportions etc.

W*: How was the instant video link facility, where you can initiate and manipulate collaborative ideas in real time?
I travel a lot and collaborate with people in many different places, so this is the perfect tool to be able to work together over a long distance.

W*: What are you working on right now?
I am preparing my new collection which will be presented with Vogue Italia in Milan, and I am flying to Geneva today to hold my workshop in ‘precise poetry’.