Once a bathing spot of the Greeks and then the Romans, the Sciacca Thermal Springs have now become the perfect spot for us to dip thanks to Sicily’s latest contemporary golf and spa resort by Sir Rocco Forte.

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The minimalist buildings by local architect Flavio Albanese fit nicely into the rough surrounding scenery. All 203 bungalow rooms and suites have a private terrace overlooking the sea and the mountains.
Inspired by Mexican architect Luis Barragan, Albanese has used Latin terracotta and ochre for the exterior of the buildings, mixing stone, sand and wood. You won’t even notice his eco friendly touches, incorporating solar energy and water-recycling, essential in a dry place like Sicily.
Interior designer Olga Polizzi commissioned local craftsmen to achieve the Sicilian touch using violet, ochre and scarlet colours in bedrooms, mosaics in bathrooms, special pots, and 19th century handcrafted tiles throughout the resort.
‘I found Sicily hard, raw and rugged and this was reflected in the square, strong forms we have used and the hot colours. We also aimed to achieve a balance here between luxury and important ecological considerations,’ she says.