Time was, not so long ago, when a Conran venture opening would have been a death knell for an area seeking to retain its cool credentials and, as work began on it, The Boundary hotel was not considered a welcome guest in E2. Within days of its doors opening though, words were eaten the length and breadth of the East End. Not only does it ‘fit in’, it has brought an injection of sophisticated hip to the area.

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It’s the details that count. Each of the 12 bedrooms is inspired by a different designer or movement – Eames, Gray, Bauhaus, Shaker to name a few - which might sound tired or try hard, but it’s been beautifully executed, not rammed home with overbearing references.
The rooftop garden with an open fire and grill restaurant has uninterrupted, panoramic views across London and The Albion café and bakery on the ground floor serves the best traditional British grub you’ll find in the city, in an understated pantry setting. The whole project is a glittering return to form by Conran, who has made every effort to synchronise The Boundary with the best of the local scene. And the locals benefit as much as the guests – there’s even a ‘Bakertweet’ service at the Albion Bakery, which automatically sends a twitter message every time something comes out fresh from the ovens.