Laura Guedes’ first UK stop in the UK was Leicester University where she did an MA in Art, Museum and Gallery Studies. She has since transferred to London and is doing an internship in the Interpretation and Design Department at the Natural History Museum. She studied architecture at USTI in Sao Paolo and graduated in 2007.
Is London more relaxed than Sao Paolo?
No! People in London are much more stressed and always in a hurry. Yes it’s a smaller city, but the centre is so crowded. In Sao Paolo everyone congregates in their own districts. But I love the fact you can walk around the streets of London in safety.
What do you miss about Brazil?
The weather. The food. Friends and family. But when I go out in London, it doesn’t feel so different from Sao Paolo. Both cities are very cosmopolitan. You can find whatever scene you are into, and I know lots of Brazilians in London.
How do you think being Brazilian affects your aesthetic?
Because Brazil is a developing country, at university we learned a lot about other cultures, rather than being obsessively fixed on our own. I think it has given me a flexibility and openness in my ways of thinking.

Are there more opportunities in London or Sao Paolo?
In what I want to do, which is exhibition design, London is a far better place to be. There’s a lot of investment and government backing for cultural institutions here. Museums are free! Art and culture just don’t get as much attention in Brazil yet. I am planning to stay in the UK for a good while longer.