Bringing to mind an age of dressing for dinner, cocktail-fuelled dalliances and train-based whodunits, the newest offering from the prodigious Park Hyatt group will have you seeing Agatha Christie lurking on every corner.
Located in the historic grandeur of Istanbul’s Maçka Palace - contemporary elegance with a twist of Ottoman opulence is the order of the day.

Park Hyatt Istanbul

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Were it not for the ubiquitous i-pod docking stations, wide-screen televisions and infinite lighting settings (two dozen at the last count) in every room, you would be forgiven for thinking you had stepped back a century.
Naturally, the usual Park Hyatt standards direct proceedings, but the real intrigue of the Maçka lies in the numerous wet rooms dotted around the hotel. From steam showers to splash tubs, Turkish baths to light therapy showers – the range of ‘bathing experiences’ available are plentiful.
Back in more public territory, the rooftop lounge is the perfect place to recline, above the busy streets of Istanbul – that is if the scorching Turkish sun doesn’t send you scampering inside for shade before you’ve had a chance to kick off your espadrilles.
On top of all this, the hotel’s signature restaurant, The Prime steakhouse is the first of its kind in Istanbul. Dressing for dinner may not be obligatory, but in surroundings like this, it would be rude not to.