Parisians have never really taken to porridge – probably because few breakfast options rival a buttery croissant or crusty baguette. However, the Bol Porridge Bar, which opened in the 10th arrondissement in January, is doing a good job of stirring up excitement among locals. Co-owners Audrey Brémond and Maaike Chaix open up at 7.30am and offer a hearty menu of organic oatmeal options, all served in custom-designed ceramic bowls. Prepared to order so that requests for almond or soy milks can be accommodated, the porridge – neither soupy nor sludgey – comes topped with the likes of oven-baked banana, maple syrup and sesame seeds or salted-butter caramel sauce, apple and almonds.

The savoury selection includes spelt softly cooked with leeks, smoked haddock and spinach, and cracked wheat simmered in coconut milk with sesame chicken and carrots. Pale wood communal tables, black neo-folksy chairs by Hay and bulbous demijohn jugs filled with oat flakes project a vibe that’s equal parts homey Parisian and Scandinavian chic.

As originally featured in the June 2016 issue of Wallpaper* (W*207)