British perfumer Lyn Harris broadened her creative palette last year when she applied her fragrance-blending skills to the flavouring of fine black teas. Using the wholly edible essences she uses for her perfume-making, she subtly tweaked the flavours of the leaves with a light coating of a finely tuned blend, and retails them under her Miller Harris brand.
Continuing to discover new ways in which her fragrant essences can please the palate as well as the nose, Harris has just launched a range of olive oils very lightly enhanced with accents of citrus, herb and spice, to be used in dressings, to be drizzled or dunked in.
The base oil is a premium cold press extra virgin olive oil, produced by the Marques de Valdueza family who have been pressing olives for 600 years. There is nothing cheap, gimmicky or throwaway about the results.
The subtlety of the enhancement is brilliant, and adds another very worthwhile dimension to the exquisite oil. The Citron blend is enhanced with Italian bergamot, Sicilian lemon, Brazilian orange, grapefruit, tangerine and petitgrain from Paraguay. It lends itself to fish.
Sauvage blends Tunisian rosemary, French lavender, Spanish thyme and sage from the Dalmation Coast. It’s perfect with Pasta. And Poivre is a blend of cardamom from Guatemala, Chinese cinnamon, black pepper, coreander and clove. It works well with salads and rice.
Harris’s talent for titillating the senses extends also to refinement in the packaging, which, true to form, is enough of an incentive to open your purse.