Everyone loves a bit of street food – from the hot dog to the thousand year old egg – it’s as much a part of getting into the local culture as your Wallpaper* City Guide.

Milan A/W

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Mike Meire, in the next incarnation of his Dornbracht Edges series, has travelled the world to bring together a collection of mobile kitchens, which he unveiled in The Cologne Factory. From Argentina to China, Namibia to Vietnam, he gathered (after buying them from their owners) twelve carts that, in their exhibition context, show how different countries address the same need.
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More than just a statement on vernacular culture though, Meire feels the exhibition is an exercise in bringing reality back into the design world. Walking around the exhibition with him, he’s quick to point out the likenesses so many of the carts bear to recognisable designers’ work, which led him to question whether we in fact need products to be consciously ‘designed’.
‘I want to exhibit these unique products just as they are’, he says. ‘It’s a gesture of authenticity and respect to our global village’.