It may be known as mothers’ ruin in some lesser circles but in hotspots the world over gin is having a new lease of life. And there’s certainly nothing ruinous about Brockmans gin, which has been making a name for itself in London’s finest watering holes of late.
Listed by over 100 bars and clubs in both London and across the country, Brockmans – with its award-winning bottle and quaffable contents – is reestablishing gin as the cocktail addition du jour.
Eschewing the trend for London Dry and all the obligatory connotations, Brockmans - distilled by Warrington-based Bombay Sapphire distillery, Greenalls – has been produced to achieve a softer finish than its rivals, with notes of Bulgarian coriander, Valencia orange peel and blackberries all playing their requisite roles.
Thanks to its refined and elementally drinkable qualities, Brockmans this year landed several key sponsorship partnerships, including Miuccia Prada
’s party at North London’s Double Club and PPQ’s London Fashion Week event to name but a few.
Taken under the wing of many-a mixologist in establishments ranging from Sketch to Aqua - whispers of Brockmans as an alternative to its smoother sibling, vodka, have even been doing the rounds.