Absconding from its brutalist West London locale for the first time in its year-long history, the Convenience Store - founded by retail innovator Andrew Ibi - has upped sticks to the front room of the St Martin’s Lane Hotel.
Room Service
A Rick Owens number hangs amid the temporary clothes horses
Fashioned within a stringent concept of constant fluidity, redevelopment and innovation, the Convenience Store has proved itself a pioneering fashion force in the capital city.
Room Service - The Convenience Store and St Martin’s Lane’s collaborative outing, is set to see Ibi’s brainchild making its way over to the West End.
Room Service
Bruno Boudicca’s vampy tailoring
Intended to entice centrally located fashionistas, Room Service will be taking residence in the boutique hotel for a full three-week stint.
With Gareth Pugh’s scale-like tailoring, Rick Owens’s jumpsuits and Ann-Sofie Back’s innovative use of animal skin, Ibi has ensured that the best of the season’s offerings are available for customers old and new.
St Martin’s Lane never fails to keep us on our toes with their extensive range of novel collaborative projects, and Room Service has kept our voracious appetites for inner-city innovation well and truly whetted.