Love it or loathe it, it's hard to imagine a crevice in London that hasn't been covered with the perpetual ozone layer of Olympic anticipation. Hot on the heels of Jim Woodall's Olympic State exhibition at See Studio, the gallery has put together another Olympics-themed show by Giles Price.
Showcasing a series of aerial photographs of the Olympic park, Price's body of work documents the site during a period of rapid construction. Using the largest digital camera available, the graphic lines and bends of the landscape were captured with the help of a custom-built rig on which the camera hung from the outside of a helicopter.
The final visuals presented point to Price's realist perspective, and are intended to reveal the real changing landscape of the construction site, as opposed to its final polished facade.
Taken from a documentary project that Price had been working on for about six months, the aerial photographs may be large in scale, but they display some commendably minute detail to allow for full site-specific discovery.